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High-security electric fencing has been proven to be popular choice for a variety of sectors, including utilities, commercial, and industrial sites. Our electric fencing systems are designed to provide a safe, effective protection of persons & property which will:

  • Delay an intruder's entry and exit from the protected property.
  • Instantly detect any break-in attempt when the electric fence is tampered with.
  • Prevent unauthorised access at the perimeter.
  • High-Security Electric Fencing
  • High-Security Electric Fencing
  • High-Security Electric Fencing

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Deterrence and Detection: Provides robust deterrence and continuous monitoring of potential intruders.
  • Scalable Solution: A networked perimeter security system that can expand as needed.
  • Customisable Zones: Configure unlimited, uniquely identified fence zones for rapid and appropriate alarm responses.
  • Centralised Control: Centralized monitoring and management of multiple remote sites from a single platform.
  • Unified Management: Manage alarms centrally or distribute them across multiple sites.
  • Integrated Imaging: Integrated imaging systems for visual documentation of events.

Electrafence can enhance the functionality of your electric fence by integrating additional control features, including Electronic Access Control (EAC), PhotoID systems (wireless, card-based, wired, and biometric fingerprint), intruder alarms, imaging systems (DVR, NVR, CCTV), and advanced control of Building Management Systems.

  • High-Security Electric Fencing
  • High-Security Electric Fencing

Why Choose Electrafence for your Professional Installation?

With decades of experience, Electrafence Ltd ensures a seamless and professional installation process tailored to the unique requirements of each of our clients; Electrafence can work to design and implement the best high-security electric fencing system that meets the specific needs of your site. As part of our aftercare policy, we can provide a full after sales service and maintenance contract for all fencing or gate installations and associated equipment.

Electrafence has a strong portfolio of clients within the Utilities, Industrial & Commercial sectors and we offer advice and support on a project-by-project basis to ensure our clients specific requirements are met.

  • High-Security Electric Fencing