Electrafence Welcomes University Batch Plant Process Streaming Project

Electrafence is pleased to announce the result of an academic project with a local university, where a fourth-year mechanical engineering student based their assignment on our newly established concrete batch plant. The assignment, focused on ‘Competitive Change Management,’ explored ways to streamline the block movement process at our plant.

After an in-depth study of the concrete plant operations, the student presented a comprehensive report. The key conclusion was that by shifting workforce roles and implementing new equipment, productivity could be improved significantly.

Electrafence was enthusiastic about trialling these recommendations and is pleased to report that the trials have been successful, and the changes have now been fully implemented.

One notable piece of new equipment introduced is a bespoke hydraulic grab for our Manitou telehandler. This upgrade means that only one operator is now required, and the drop/damage rate of blocks has been significantly reduced by replacing the previous mechanical grab.

We are excited to announce that we are on track to realise substantial project savings thanks to the streamlining process project:


Faster block saving


Faster block movement


Reduced Machine Hours