Electrafence Expands to New Long-Term Batch Plant Site in Oakmere: Acquisition of New Long-Term Batch Plant Site and Equipment

Electrafence is pleased to announce our batch plant relocation to a larger, more suitable site in Oakmere, secured on a long-term lease. This move marks a significant milestone as we transition from our short-term lease in Winsford to a facility that better supports the scalability of our Cill-Lock system.

Site Development and Layout

The new Oakmere site was built up to meet Electrafence’s specific requirements in under a week; extensive planning was undertaken to design the site layout, with several weeks dedicated to ensuring maximum productivity. The layout not only accommodates the operation of our concrete batch plant but also addresses the storage needs for concrete blocks and other fencing supplies. Key developments at the site include the construction of aggregate bays, concrete working slabs, and a temporary perimeter fence to ensure security and organisation.

Enhanced Productivity with New Equipment

Electrafence are also pleased to report that the move to the new site has been successful. The efficiency of our Cill-Lock production process has significantly improved, thanks to the addition of new, more capable equipment. One notable enhancement is the acquisition of a brand-new Manitou 420H, one of the last available in the country. This machine has substantially reduced loading and travel times, and also provides greater confidence in moving blocks, contributing to overall faster process times.

Looking Ahead

The expansion to our new site in Oakmere defines Electrafence’s commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence. With our new enhanced facilities and equipment, we are better positioned to meet the demands of our block production and clients, further driving innovation in the industry.