Electrafence Expands Concrete Production with Upgraded Equipment

Electrafence is proud to announce a significant upgrade in our concrete production capabilities with the acquisition of a new 20-tonne SAMI cement tank. Purchased from a nearby company, this new equipment marks a major step forward in our development and production of precast fencing solutions.

The SAMI cement tank will replace the requirement for traditional 25kg cement bags and large bulk bags, bringing several key benefits:

  • Environmental Impact: Reduces wasted plastic packaging, making our process more environmentally friendly.
  • Efficiency: Cuts plant loading time from 40 minutes to just 4 minutes.
  • Labour Savings: Eliminates the need for a telehandler to load the plant.
  • Logistics: Reduces the number of deliveries required.
  • Material Handling: Removes the double handling of materials.

This investment, though costly, emphasises Electrafence’s commitment to future efficiency and environmental responsibility. It is a testament to our dedication to innovation and sustainability, ensuring that we continue to lead the industry.

Electrafence remains at the forefront of the industry by prioritising our innovation and development, as well as our ESG practices. This latest upgrade to our pre-cast development is another example of how we are striving to improve our processes and reduce our environmental footprint.