Electrafence celebrates its 30-year relationship with Gallagher Security

Electrafence are very proud to announce that we have recently celebrated our 30-year partnership with global security manufacturer, Gallaghers. Gallaghers held an event to honour this long-standing and successful collaboration, located at Gallagher's UK headquarters in Warwick.

We, as electrafence are truly honoured to be part of the celebrations. At the event, James Creed, the founder of Electrafence, and Josie, now director and wife of James were presented with a partnership plaque by Sir William Gallagher, the President and Executive Director of Gallagher.

Kevin Godfrey, Gallagher's Strategic Business Development Manager, shared his thoughts on the occasion:

"Presenting Electrafence with their 30-year partnership plaque was truly a proud moment for Gallagher Security. James has been with Gallagher from the start, and our longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship is a testament to the reputation that James has created with Electrafence by providing first-class service and expert industry knowledge."

"We look forward to many more years of fruitful business together and the continued success of both our companies."

The partnership between James Creed (Electrafence) and Gallagher began when James won the Gallagher-sponsored Young Farmers competition in the United Kingdom in the late 80s. The first prize was a trip to New Zealand, which included the opportunity to meet the Gallagher team.

At that time, Gallagher was transitioning from using its expertise in fencing for animal management to developing perimeter fencing solutions for the security sector.

Reflecting on that pivotal moment, James Creed said:

"Inspired by the meeting with Gallagher in New Zealand, I returned to the UK and realised that installing fences was the way to go. I started Electrafence Security and installed the first UK installation of a Gallagher perimeter fence at Polar Motors in Barnsley - and the rest, as they say, is history." "That fortuitous trip changed the trajectory of my career and sparked a wonderful 30-year relationship between Electrafence and Gallagher."

Electrafence is proud to have been a part of Gallagher's journey and looks forward to many more years of innovation and success together.