Electrafence Acquires New ArmCon Concrete Batch Plant and Premises

In February 2021, Electrafence took a significant investment forward in our innovation journey with the acquisition of a new-to-Electrafence ArmCon Concrete Batch Plant and premises. This strategic move was driven by the successful trials of our Cill-Lock blocks, which initially used concrete sourced from a local plant. With promising results from these trials, we decided to progress further with the Cill-Lock project by investing in our own concrete batch plant.

The journey began with thorough research into the best batch plants suitable for our needs. This led us to a site visit to ArmCon, where we explored various machine options that would align with Electrafence’s requirements. After careful consideration, we commissioned our batch plant, a process that took under four weeks. This rapid turnaround enabled us to maintain momentum in the development of the Cill-Lock blocks.

The newly acquired machine was installed at a yard in the heart of Winsford. We secured a short-term lease to quickly get the plant operational in its own dedicated facility. The site offered ample space to customise the setup, allowing our new concrete team to maximise productivity. As part of this setup, we continually upgraded and optimised the equipment, enhancing the efficiency of our block production process.

The acquisition of the ArmCon Concrete Batch Plant marks a significant milestone for Electrafence. It not only supports the ongoing development of our innovative Cill-Lock blocks but also positions us to meet future demands with greater efficiency and control. By producing our own concrete, we ensure consistent quality and can rapidly respond to project needs, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and innovation.

We are excited about the possibilities this new capability brings to Electrafence and look forward to continuing our journey on innovation and growth.