Year Beginning 2024: Electrafence Cill-Lock System Development and Productivity Update

Electrafence is excited to share the latest updates on the ongoing development and enhanced productivity of our Cill-Lock system.

New Moulds with Distinct Improvements

With the original Cill-Lock concrete moulds having been in use for some time, Electrafence has taken the initiative to further refine our processes for greater efficiency. Over the past year, we have focused on designing and developing a new set of moulds tailored specifically to our process needs. These moulds were designed and manufactured in-house, and after successful initial trials, a set of ten new moulds were produced.

We are pleased to announce that these new moulds have significantly boosted our production capabilities, reducing production time by over 60 minutes per day.


Minutes saved per day


New moulds manufactured

New Equipment Purchase: Manitou 425H

Following a year of impressive performance from the Manitou 425H, Electrafence has decided to invest in another new machine for the batch plant—the Manitou 425H. The productivity gains achieved with the 425H, compared to the Avant series, have been substantial. Consequently, our first 425H will be reassigned to our fencing teams, further enhancing their efficiency.

Electrafence continues to prioritise innovation and operational excellence, ensuring that we provide the best possible service and products to our clients. Stay tuned for more updates as we keep advancing our capabilities and setting new standards in the industry.