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Electrafence Celebrated 25 years Trading in October 2017

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The Electrafence Operations Director in 2018 and into 2019 has been working alongside its key manufacturing partners to develop a re-usable temporary fencing structure reducing waste, more environmentally friendly and an overall reduction in costs for the customer. This system has now been used on several key sites in 2019 where Electrafence have installed new fence sections where security to existing compounds must not be compromised.  Initial feedback has been positive as the small sections of temporary fence has been installed within a day thereby saving costs on manned security for the compounds and installation of a none re-usable structure.

This temporary fence installation also has other benefits such as providing a first line of security in securing areas which are used to store materials etc on a temporary basis on a company's property such as an existing compound or car park area.  The Operations Director would be happy to provide a quote for the installation or hire of a temporary fence subject to ground and land suitability.

Click on the link to view images of the initial presentation of the temporary fence

Temp Fence Pics.pdf

Then click this link to see just how quick a section of this temporary fence can be installed with just two persons. (approximately 90 minutes)


The company is once again proud to sponsor locally and the directors have supported local junior sports clubs in 2019 and into 2020.

Open the links below to view our current audit certificates from CHAS, URS (ISO9001) & Achilles UVDB

Audit Certificate (10) exp 2020.pdf

URS ISO9001 Cert exp Jun 2022.pdf

Chas Cert Exp Jan 2020.pdf